The chart above allows us a holistic view of (the different choices/purposes for/ways to/preferences) among people in where in time. To be specific,the people opting for/choosing to A constitute a massive 60%,follewed by those doing B,accounting for 30%. In contrast, fewer/only 10% people choose to C.
Overall, there is a sharply upward trend in the choice of doing A, but a slight downward trend in choosing B.

The fundamental factors that contribute to the aforementioned situation/tendency maybe expounded as below.

  • The dominant/weak/increasing/shrinking number of A is the result of XXX.
  • XXX2, and this led to a rise/drop in the number/proportion of B.
  • XXX3 is an impetus for the rising number of A.
  • This means/This explains/It justifies XXX.

Taking into account what has been argued, we can come to the conclusion that:

  • for dynamic:the number of A is expected to keep growing/dropping in the near future.
  • for static: A will remain the focus of people for doing sth in the near future..
  • for static: there will remain diversified ways for doing sth in the near future.

  • And it offers us a promising vision of …

  • And it is advisable to…